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Our aim at Pura is to help you integrate freshly prepared wholesome and delicious meals into your daily routine, worry free for a better style of living. We take away the long hours of grocery shopping, preparation and cooking from your busy schedule. No need to stress about planning your meals, just leave it to us and focus on other important things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All About Pura

Who We Are and What We Do!

Packaging For Freshness

  • We are always concerned with your health, for this reason the containers we use are high quality & BPA Free keeping your meals safe from bacteria and safe in the microwave.

  • All meals are weighed and packed individually to each clients personalized meal plan. Therefore, since all packaging is done manually, should you have any queries about your meals please contact us with 24 hours to follow up.


What's in your menu, and how to get the most out of it!
  • We recommend 4 meals a day, 5 days a week for 4 weeks (20 meals per week).

    The meals will consist of:

    • 2 x Standard Protein (Breakfast, Chicken, Cream dory, Savoury & Sweet Snacks or Vegan selection)
    • 2 x Premium Protein (Tuna, Turkey, Salmon, Tilapia, Sea Bass, Beef or Shrimps selection)

    Please contact us for more information.

  • Standard Proteins are our Egg, Chicken, Cream Dory, and Vegan options. Premium Proteins are out Beef, Salmon, Tilapia, Sea Bass​, Tuna and Turkey options. On a Standard Meal plan the selection allowed is 50% Standard Proteins and 50% Premium Protein. On a Premium Meal Plan all Protiens can be selected.

  • We are constantly updating and changing menu items but the most popular dishes will always remain.

  • Yes, we will try to ensure that all meals do not contain the said allergies.

    Please refer to the "All About Pura" section for more information.

  • Follow the below steps to make changes to your Meal plan:

    • ​​Click on "My Account" on the top right corner
    • Click "All plans" on the Dashboard page
    • Edit your selected Meal Plan
    • Once you have competed your changes, click on finish plan and checkout for system to update.




  • Yes, We offer the following meal plans:

    • 5 days a week
    • 6 days a week
    • 7 days a week 
    • Always fresh, never frozen
    • High Quality
    • Packed with Proteins
    • Chef Prepared Meals
    • Customisable Meals & Plans
    • Delivery to your preferred location
    • Low Sodium
    • No Preservatives
    • Dairy Free
    • Healthy & Tasty


  • Yes, we can build a custom plan designed for your training needs, either by using your information to calculate macros or you can provide your own macros/cooked weights for us to follow.

  • Yes, it is possible to lose weight without exercise, but it is not recommended. Exercise is essential for good health and helps you reach your goal faster, so we suggest it along with a healthy meal plan.

  • At Pura we cook our meals using the following methods: Baking, Roasting, Char-grilling, Braising, Stewing, Poaching, Boiling and Steaming. All these processes use a minimal quantity of fat, or completely no fat whilst cooking.

  • Calorie counting is a great way to track your food but macros counting allows us to track the quality of calories! Most companies offer blanket generic plans where pura plans are personalized to you.

  • You can get your body fat percentage from most Gyms / Clinics / Personal Trainers.

  • A healthy rate of weight loss is about 2-3kg per month. Keep in mind that everyone responds differently to nutrition, so you may see much faster weight loss or you may see a little bit more gradual weight loss.  

  • Your Pura Meal plan will provide you with all the food you need each day, therefore you will not need to consume any meals outside of your Meal plan.. For the days you are not receiving your meal plan, choose foods similar to those provided by Pura and in similar quantities. Avoid foods that are Fast Food, fried, contain added sugar, processed flour (white bread, pasta, tortillas), and creamy sauces / spreads / dips. Avoid alcohol as well.

  • There are a few spices that have been shown to increase metabolism such as cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and cumin, but adding small amounts of these to your foods will not make a significant difference in weight loss. We recommend following a healthy diet and exercising daily for best results.

  • Since we calculate macros based on your body weight and body fat, each person gets a different number of carbohydrates. Our weight loss plans contain mainly proteins, moderate fat, and low carb content.

  • Those who are training multiple hours/sessions per day, are trying to gain a significant amount of muscle mass, and who are ok with increasing body fat along with muscle. Those people are good candidates for a bulk plan.

  • Counting macros helps to ensure that you are getting your calories from a variety of nutritious foods instead of just getting a set amount of calories from one source. Ex: You could go on a 1200 calorie weight loss plan and eat only cake. You would lose weight but not improve your health.

  • The timing of your meals depends on your schedule, but we recommend eating every 3-4 hours for best results. Ex: 8am, 12pm, 3:30-4pm, 7:30-8pm

  • Your meals can be eaten cold if they have been stored below 5°C or heated in a microwave until hot (75°C or above) in the center. Be Careful with hot containers. Please note, all our Meals are cooked for optimum flavor and best nutritional values.

Hygiene (Food Safety)


Information about the bags coming to your door!

Our Delivery Process

Everything you need to know about your food delivery!

During the Pura Meal Plan

Experience Pura!
  • Your dedicated Client Relationship Executive will follow up 10 – 15 days within receiving your meals to review you progress. However, should you see visible results sooner or a change in your Body Fat, you can send us an email and we will contact you.

  • Simply renew by creating a new plan via your account, on our website.

Managing My Account

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