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The ultimate introduction to a healthy lifestyle

Our aim at Pura is to help you integrate freshly prepared wholesome and delicious meals into your daily routine, worry free for a better style of living. We take away the long hours of grocery shopping, preparation and cooking from your busy schedule. No need to stress about planning your meals, just leave it to us and focus on other important things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All About Pura

Who We Are and What We Do!
  • Pura is the Latin word for PURE. We consider our ingredients natural, which are used to prepare clean meals while helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

  • We are very proud to say that we have a very high approval rate from our clients.  We have renwal rates of 70% and we have clients still with us from Day 1


    Please see our existing testimonials.

  • Pura offers a variety of Meal Plans, while our most popular and more successful is the Goal Based Menu (4 meals or 3 Meals & 2 Snacks)

    We also offer Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian and Wellness Plans.  

    Depending on your goal or nutrtional advice we can prepare a plan that best suits you and your lifestyle.

    Single meals or partial plans are also availble.

  • Yes we can work with clients macros.  We will prepare a meal plan based on cooked weights based on your indvidual macros.

    When a client approaches us with their own macros, we also create Pura standard for a comparsion, our nutritionist will also review your macros with you.

  • Sign ups normally take between 24-48 before receiving your first delivery.  We encourage people to signup as early as possible and start at their lesiure.

    We also like to ensure that your, the client is fully aware of the service offered, and we will request a quick telephone call with you prior to starting.

    Clients who may wish to try a bulk plan or have any nutrtional concerns will need to speak with one of our nutritionist's prior to starting a specicalised plan.

  • You can easily resume your subscription at any time. We will review your profile and would want to know if you have had any changes to your eating habits, body weight or body fat since you last were on a Pura Meal Plan.

    Simply complete your profile here online or email us on support@purafood.freshdesk.com.

  • Clients on a Goal Based Menu can change your dishes as often as you like before 2pm daily for them to be active in 2 working days.

    Alternatively you can contact your Client Support Specialist.

Packaging For Freshness

  • We use Eco-Friendly packaging in our meal plans.  We have limited the use of Plastic as a whole within Pura.  We work with suppliers and local companies to ensure that packaging used in our production is properly recycled.

  • All meals are weighed and packed individually to each clients meal plan specification.  All meals are pack in a controlled enviroment and in a tempature of 5 degrees or lower.  

    Every step of our process is monitoed and controlled to ensure the highest levels of Food Safety.


What's in your menu, and how to get the most out of it!
  • Our Goal Based Menu is our orignal and most popular product (menu)

    It is create using the clients goals and targets and developed using macro nutritents 

    We then convert your macros to cooked weights for each meal and assign your protien, carb, fat & vegetable allocation for each meal for every day

    You can then pick which meals you wish, swap protiens around, change carbs or fats - add and remove meals

    The menu will see various dishes change on a daily basis to ensure variety

  • Standard Proteins are our Egg, Chicken, Cream Dory, and Vegan options. Premium Proteins are out Beef, Salmon, Tilapia, Sea Bass​, Tuna and Turkey options. On a Standard Meal plan the selection allowed is 50% Standard Proteins and 50% Premium Protein. On a Premium Meal Plan all Protiens can be selected.

  • We change dishes in our Goal Based Menu on a monthly basis, depending on client feedback or on a rotation

    Set Menus change on a weekly basis

    However there will be certain signature dishes that will always remain on the menu such as;

    Banana Pancakes - Turkey Bolognaise - BBQ Beef Brisket - Zaatar Spiced Nuts - Flourless Chocolate Brownie - Pumpkin Barley Risotto

    These dishes have been identifed as firm favourites so will always remain on our menus

  • All our menus and dishes have listed allergens, however when you are signing up, please discuss with us about your menu and if you have any allergies or food intolerances and our Nutrtionist will help create a plan for you.  However the more allergens or intolerances that a client has, the more restrictive their menu may become.  But please get in touch as we are very competant in dealing with a wide range of allergies.

    All our allergens are handled in  a seperate and different manner during preparation in order to eliminate the risk of cross contamination.

    Your menu will have a list of all allergens so we encourage you to double check the menu on a weekly basis.

  • Follow the below steps to make changes to your Meal plan:

    • ​​Click on "My Account" on the top right corner
    • Click "All plans" on the Dashboard page
    • Edit your selected Meal Plan
    • Once you have competed your changes, click on finish plan and checkout for system to update.

    OR Contact your customer support specialist.




  • Yes, We offer the following meal plans:

    • 5 days a week
    • 6 days a week
    • 7 days a week 
  • Pura is a Healthy Food and Nutrition Company and provide a range of menus and meal plans to assist people achieve their weight goals - Fat loss, Maintaince or Bulking

    We also offer the following services - contact info@pura.ae for more information

    • Nutritional Consultations
    • Office Team Builiding
    • Company Nutritional Talks
    • Office Lunches

    Corporate Catering


  • Yes, we can build a custom plan designed for your training needs, either by using your information to calculate macros or you can provide your own macros/cooked weights for us to follow.

  • Yes, it is possible to lose weight without exercise, but it is not recommended. Exercise is essential for good health and helps you reach your goal faster, so we suggest it along with a healthy meal plan.

  • Yes, we have a team of Nutritionist who have various and complimenting skills.  Our Head of Nutrition & Meal Plans Sneha oversee's the deptarment and leads our consulations.

    Depending our your goal or requirements a specialised nutritionist will be assigned to your meal plan creation.

    Contact nutrition@pura.ae for further details on Pura's nutritional services

  • Calorie counting is a great way to track your food but macros counting allows us to track the quality of calories! Most companies offer blanket generic plans where pura plans are personalized to you.

  • You can get your body fat percentage from most Gyms / Clinics / Personal Trainers

    Alternatively Dubai residents can come and visit our office by appointment and one of our Nutritionist will provide you with a body composition and analysis, this is free for active clients and people who signup. If you wish to just have a nutritional consult a 300AED fee for the first consult and 100AED for followups applies.

    email nutrition@pura.ae for more details or speak to your Customer Support Specialist

  • A healthy rate of weight loss is about 2-3kg per month. Keep in mind that everyone responds differently to nutrition, so you may see a higher rate of weight loss in the early stages of your plan, or delayed weight loss.

    The most important number to be considering on a weight loss plan is your body fat % - often clients who are excercising or training with a PT may see minor changes on their overall weight and therefore it is important to be checking your body fat on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

  • Your Pura Meal plan will provide you with all the food you need each day, therefore you will not need to consume any meals outside of your Meal plan.. For the days you are not receiving your meal plan, choose foods similar to those provided by Pura and in similar quantities. Avoid foods that are Fast Food, fried, contain added sugar, processed flour (white bread, pasta, tortillas), and creamy sauces / spreads / dips. Avoid alcohol as well.

  • There are a few spices that have been shown to increase metabolism such as cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and cumin, but adding small amounts of these to your foods will not make a significant difference in weight loss. We recommend following a healthy diet and exercising daily for best results.

  • Since we calculate macros based on your body weight and body fat, each person gets a different number of carbohydrates. Our weight loss plans contain mainly proteins, moderate fat, and low carb content.

  • We only recommend a bulk plan for people who have a low body fat % or who are aware of the need to bulk. A bulk plan will cause an increase in body fat % and is therefore important to follow the guidance and advice of a nutrition, PT, coach prior to starting.


  • Macro counted plans (Our Goal Based Plan) are created based on the clients requirement and body goals. This plan is also more suitbale for people who have allergies or multiple food dislikes

    Our calorie based plans (Keto, Vegan, Wellness) are designed for people who may wish to have a keto plan or are vegetarian/vegan

  • The timing of your meals depends on your schedule, but we recommend eating every 3-4 hours for best results. Ex: 8am, 12pm, 3:30-4pm, 7:30-8pm

  • Your meals can be eaten cold if they have been stored below 5°C or heated in a microwave until hot (75°C or above) in the center. Be Careful with hot containers. Please note, all our Meals are cooked for optimum flavor and best nutritional values.

Hygiene (Food Safety)


Information about the bags coming to your door!

Our Delivery Process

Everything you need to know about your food delivery!
  • Below details will help you understand our delivery timings: -


    • AM between 8am to 1pm (Next Day Consumption)
    • PM between 3pm to 9PM (Next Day Consumption)
    • Premium delivery (1 Hour time slot). Contact us for more information

          Abu Dhabi

    • AM between 2am to 8am (Same Day)
  • We deliver 6 days a week from Saturday to Thursday

  • You will receive a SMS or WhatsApp confirming that your meals have arrived. 

  • Yes, we will deliver your meals to any location.  We also can deliever your meals to the office during working days and your home on the weekend.

    Please contact us if you wish to setup multiple delievery locations or have a job that requires you to be in different emirates on different days

  • Yes, you can update your delivery address on your profile, which will be active in 1 day. If you require an urgent change, please contact us.

  • Our delivery service is based on a different time slots according to the different Emirates, which for most clients is satisfactory. One of our team will be able to provide you with an aprox time for delivery.

    We also offer a premium service if neccessary, again our client service team will be able to tell you the costs for your location.

    We do make every effort to ensure you will be happy with the delivery time, and if we feel we are unable to continually make deliveries at certain times, we will inform you of this prior to signing up.

  • We deliver to the following Emirates - times vary on location

    Abu Dhabi
    Al Ain

  • Pura understands how uncertain your schedule can be, therefore please updated your break 2 working days in advance to ensure a hold on your deliveries.

    Please see steps below:

    • ​Click on the "Plan" page
    • Click on "Take a Break"
    • Select the days you need to cancel your Meals
    • Once confirmed, the amount will be credited to your account.
    • You can view the amount in your Account on the top right corner
  • Yes, we will work with you to set a delivery schedule according to your work schdule.

During the Pura Meal Plan

Experience Pura!
  • Your dedicated Client Support Specialist will follow up 10 – 15 days within receiving your meals to review you progress. However, should you see visible results sooner or a change in your Body Fat, you can get in touch with us.  You should also check your body fat % on a monthly basis and prior to renewal, subject to availablity you can visit Pura for a 10 mins body composition checkup.

  • Simply renew by creating a new plan via your account, on our website.

Managing My Account

Tips for managing your subscription!


  • Our better valued and more popular option is a full days meal on a monthly plan.  However we do understand that people have different needs and budgets so we also offer partial plans.

    All our meals are delviered in our regular delivery route in a controlled chiller van, so clients opting for a single meal will be added to this route and meals are priced as such.