General Terms and Conditions

  1. Definitions
    1. PURA refers to the meal plan provider.
    2. CLIENT a person using our services.
    3. MEAL PLAN as used in this general Terms and Conditions refers to the main product and service purchased by the customer from PURA; also refers to the copy provided to client either by email or online as reference for the dishes that they will receive for the duration of their plan.
    4. DASHBOARD refers to the online client dashboard that allows him/her to manage his/her account and is accessible at
    5. CLIENT SUCCESS SPECIALIST is the designated contact person of the client to provide assistance regarding any concerns, requests, changes and even complaints.
    6. BREAK is the act of putting the plan on hold.
    7. MEAL CHANGE is the act of replacing a dish on your Dashboard.
    8. PURA COOLER BAG refers to the portable insulated bag that carries all meals for the day.
    9. CUT OFF is the set time to finalize any request or changes on the meal plan.
    10. MACROS/MACRONUTRIENTS as used in PURA refer to the amount of fat, carbohydrates and protein in grams.
    11. PREMIUM PROTEIN refers to Beef, Turkey, Salmon, Shrimp and Tuna is subject to an additional charge.
    12. PAID WASTAGE refers to cancelled delivery which is still considered as a paid meal and will no longer be added on the plan.
  2. Conditions
    1. All clients who have completed their online sign up are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions from their registration until the end of their plan and upon renewal.
    2. PURA reserves the right to refuse a client under the following cases:
      1. Client has more than 3 food allergies
      2. Client has a life-threatening allergic reaction to any food
      3. Client is intolerant/dislikes salt
      4. Client is allergic/intolerant/dislikes black pepper
    3. PURA considers any confirmation made online over the phone and email valid and binding.
    4. PURA reserves the right to send emails and SMS to all clients unless unsubscription to any have been made or requested.
    5. PURA reserves the right to update or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. However, Clients cannot unsubscribe from Client Relationship Executive emails and alerts.
  3. Payments, Prices, Fees
    1. Full payment must be received before the desired start date for either new or renewal meal plan otherwise food delivery does not proceed.
    2. All clients are required to pay a refundable deposit (AED 100) for the Chiller Bags and ice packs used for delivery before starting their meal plan.
    3. Payments can be made online by either debit/credit card.
    4. PURA also accepts cheque, cash and debit/credit card payments via collection and office drop off.
      1. All cheque payments must be paid to PURA Catering Services LLC with current date.
      2. Office drop off payments are accepted Sunday - Thursdays from 8:30am-5:00pm.
    5. Balance payments for an upgrade or change of plan must be settled within 3 business days upon request otherwise; meal plan will be shortened based on the remaining amount.
    6. Additional payments for any Premium Dishes, add-on dishes, loss of chiller bags, etc. must be settled at the end of the plan or along with the renewal payment. Any unpaid balance will be deducted from the Chiller Bag deposit.
  4. Discounts
    1. Early Renewal can be availed if renewal is confirmed and paid before last delivery.
    2. Corporate discounts can be added based on the terms agreed by PURA and the participating company.
    3. Each confirmed and paid referral made by a client will be an additional AED 100 discount on the referee’s next invoice.
    4. Family/Couple or Friends discounts are offered under the following conditions;
      1. All members must sign up individually.
      2. Same delivery address and time. Any change regarding the two conditions, must apply to all members availing the discount.
      3. Only one discount can be used at a time
      4. Applicable to full monthly plans.  Partial Plans or period less than 20 days will void the discount
  5. Delivery and Cooler Bags
    1. Delivery is to be made based on the agreed start date, location and timing (AM or PM).
    2. Dubai AM delivery is between 8am-1pm while PM delivery is between 3pm-9pm (consumption for the following day) and Abu Dhabi same day delivery is between 2am to 8am. A specific timing of delivery is available at a premium cost of AED 600 for Dubai.
    3. Any change on the delivery may it be with location or timings must be made 3 business days ahead; Any last-minute change is subject for confirmation of the Client Relationship Executive.
    4. A Pura Cooler bag deposit for AED 100 is refundable at the end of the plan. For any lost bag, a corresponding charge will be deducted from the deposit.
    5. If you are not present to receive/return the Pura Cooler bag and the bag is left outside the door, PURA cannot be held responsible for any missing items/bags or damages to the bag and food spoilage.
    6. Each client is assigned with a set number of Pura Cooler bags (3) and ice packs. Should a CLIENT have 3 bags uncollected then following deliveries will be sent in a disposable cardboard box/paper bag until all PURA COOLER BAGS are returned
    7. Disclaimer: We recommend you refrigerate your food immediately if delivered in the cardboard box. PURA will take no responsibility for food temperatures if delivered in a cardboard box.
  6. Food Storage, Consumption, Reheating and Labels
    1. All food upon receiving should be kept refrigerated under 5°C. Follow reheating instructions on label and only reheat once.
    2. All dishes are labelled providing: dish name, reheating instructions, meal number, count and macros (fat, carbs and protein) and latest consumption date.
  7. Break, Substitutes and Other meal plan changes
    1. All break requests and meal changes must be made 2 business days in advance by submitting online through the dashboard or by contacting your assigned Client Relationship Executive.
    2. All clients can take a meal plan break for a maximum of 35 days unless under a specific T&Cs for any promotion availed. Any breaks more than the allowed duration will forfeit the remainder of the plan and security deposit will be returned.
    3. Any break dates submitted in less than 2 business days will be considered as paid wastage.
    4. PURA is not responsible for any dislikes, allergies or nutritional value changes when items are changed meal change by the client. Clients can refer to symbols, ingredients, calorie and macronutrient information provided on the menu.
  8. Dislike, Allergies, Preferences and Medical Conditions
    1. Meal plans are amended according to the macronutrient ranges assigned for each type of meal plan.
    2. Meal plans are amended according to declared dislikes, allergies and preferences of the client only. PURA will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to any food consumed with a dislike or allergen not informed prior to receiving food. It is advised to disclose all dislikes and allergens before starting the plan.
    3. PURA does not intend to provide any medical advisement, diagnosis or treatment. For any medical condition or health risk, please consult your physician before signing up for any of the meal plans offered. Always seek the advice of your physician if you have any questions regarding a medical condition, diet, nutritional supplements and exercise regimen or any other health related matter.
  9. Cancellation and Refund
    1. PURA encourages all clients to fully commit on their plan as scheduled. Any reason that can hinder results and overall satisfaction must be brought to the Client Support Specialist or Nutritionist ‘s attention for an immediate and appropriate solution.
    2. PURA does not offer cash refunds. Should there be a request to cancel a plan; it will take effect within 2 business days and the Client may transfer the remaining days to a third party.
    3. Security/Bag deposit refund will be processed once all Pura Cooler Bags have been collected. The refund will be credited to the client using the same method as the original payment and will be credited within 3 business days
    4. In the event of incorrect delivery or non-delivery of meal plan, Pura will extend the meal plan by 1 extra day. In the event of incorrect or non-delivery of a specific meal, the meal will be replaced within the same day.
  10. Personal Trainer Plan
    1. This meal plan offers 2 packages with 4 meals a day, 5 days a week:
      1. Up to 150g Macro protein = AED 2000
      2. Up to 200g Macro protein = AED 2500
    2. We require a copy of one of the following to avail this offer:
      1. Personal Trainer Card
      2. Personal Trainer Certificate
      3. Proof of being an active Personal Trainer in the UAE.
    3. Normal prices will be charged should meal changes affect the number of meals per day and days per week. 

updated Jan 1st 2019